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An invention is the emergence of a new method or device that has not existed before as a result of human intellectual endeavor.


For the invention to be transformed into a patent or utility model, the description must be written with technical details expressed in clear language, leaving no room for confidentiality.


A Patent/Utility Model is a document that helps the inventor prevent third parties from producing, using, selling, or importing the inventive product or method for a certain period.


National and International Patent & Utility Model Transactions


Similarity Search Before Application: Preliminary search on the field of invention should be carried out before making the application. Otherwise, legal issues may arise if a similar application exists.


Patent/Utility Model Application: The inventor’s application request is received, along with the application form, application fee, description, claims, abstract, and any related figures of the product subject to the invention.


Patent/Utility Model Bulletin Follow-up: After applying for a Patent/Utility Model, it’s important to monitor applications that are similar to or closely related to the inventive product to prevent your idea from being stolen.


Patent/Utility Model Valuation: Conducting a Patent/Utility Model valuation can help measure the economic value of the invention or the inventive product, influencing your company’s economic future.

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